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GDPR - Personal data policy

At Human360, we place a very high value on ethics regarding GDPR processing and storage of both customers' and candidates' and students' data. Our activities largely involve the processing of personal data, including in relation to candidates, customers and employees.​

We have therefore implemented a number of procedures to comply with the requirements under the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR), as part of our ongoing work to protect all parties in recruitment.​

This applies both as a data processor and data controller in the recruitment process, for which we assume full responsibility.

This work helps to optimize the security of our candidates, customers and employees' confidentiality.​

We do not store your information without your consent and not for more than 24 months. In addition, we only use subcontractors of e.g. software that meets security requirements, just as we have implemented the latest updated technology to protect ourselves against malware and other cybercrime.​We have thus taken all precautions to ensure you secure handling of your data.​

If you have questions about our processing of your information, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email.