What I learned is common from projects in IBM, medium and small businesses.

Common to all companies, large and small, is   that they want to realize their desired future and strategic decisions, more efficiently, faster and with strong leadership.   Here are 3 great tips that can make a difference.


The environment and the world around usare constantly changing, in some periods faster than others.  More and more is required of companies and   their ability to navigate quickly and efficiently in order to ensure and increase their competitiveness in the market.  



The first tip i to be sharp and precise on the purpose and description of the desired future. Be clear on the strategic financial performance targets Don't be tempted to set activity goals.  Activity goals are the task of the other leaders. It is the other managers who have the specific and detailed knowledge within their areas of responsibility.


Second tip i to be aware that thing take time.   Ofte we are very positive about the time,  and may be too optimistic and ambitious on the schedule. Avoid unrealistic schedules and investment budgets for executing the desired future and strategy. Get a presentation from the other managers on activity goals, necessary initiatives, competencies, time horizon and resources to reach the goals of the strategies.


Third tip is that you cannot be consistent and unambiguous enough, in the signals you send to the organization, about the importance of them achieving the desired future, strategies and financial strategic goals. Every opportunity that presents itself, the message must be mentioned. You can create increased growthenergy by constantly concretizing the goals, clarifying what it means for the individual and the workplace and creatingconfidence that we succeed. If goals, stimulus, and security are in place, increased pressure can be put on the achievement of the strategic goals.


The above empirical data is supported by research from several universities.

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